Tourism is a strategic axis for the sustained development of the territory, contributing to the regeneration of the urban fabric and built heritage, bringing the creation of new opportunities for local development, with the creation of jobs.

The growth of the tourism sector, must bet on training, certification, sustainable tourism, environmentally friendly, served by good road and rail routes.

Helexia believes and bets on the tourism sector and wants to contribute to the economic growth of the activity, safeguarding the environment and natural resources.

We develop and invest in measures that bring about a more efficient relationship with energy.

We can help hotel establishments reduce their energy bills by producing energy locally from clean, renewable sources.

We can improve your hotel's energy efficiency with energy rationalization and monitoring.

Lighting is the biggest consumer of electricity in a hotel and can account for between 12% and 18% of total energy consumption and around 40% of electricity consumption.

Air conditioning, heating and cooling systems represent the main area of energy consumption in a hotel.

The hot water and boilers that range between 15% and 25% of the hotel's total energy consumption.

Leisure facilities, such as swimming pools, can reduce energy use by 10% to 30%.

We believe in the energy transition as a way to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of your business, combining economy and ecology.

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