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The energy transition is essential for everyone because the energy bill is getting higher and higher, for your company and for the planet.

You can be part of the energy transition and its benefits, without burdening your financial and human resources.

Helexia develops and invests in turnkey projects so that you can create your Energy Service Center.

We combine Economics and Ecology, to make sustainable development a reality

Every day, for more than 10 years, our teams of passionate experts have been working to provide integrated, local and sustainable solutions.

Ready to reduce your company's invoice and ecological footprint?


Luis Pinho
Country Director Helexia Portugal

At Helexia we believe and are focused on the energy transition as a determinant factor for sustainability, to this end, we develop with - and for - customers and partners, projects that contribute to this transition.

We believe that in each location we can develop the best energy mix and that the binomial Economy and Ecology contributes to the reduction of the ecological footprint, consumption reduction, and cost reduction.

This is how we contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Enhance and combine Economic and Ecological Sustainability in the Energy transition.

Designing and building with our clients energy solutions that generate value for companies and the planet.


Minimize waste and its impact on the planet.

Create new local and customized solutions to better use, exploit and produce energy.

Our Story

Every day, for more than 10 years, our teams of passionate experts have been working with our customers on integrated, local and sustainable solutions for renewable energy production and energy efficiency.

We have an exclusive package of customized solutions for your energy transition.

Start of the company in France by Nicolas Mayaud & Benjamin Simonis. Implementation of the model and performance of all work (sales, project management, legal and financial).

First project construction with several clients through financing with banks. First major industrial and logistics roofing projects were with Bontout SA (2.5 MWp), Auchan, with the first shopping center in Montauban (France) and with Ceetrus, in the first Positive Energy building in Perpignan (France).

Internationalization to Italy begins - first project in self-consumption with PPA on site and recruitment of first Italian employee.

Helexia reaches an installed capacity of 5 MWp.

Continued internationalization with the opening of Belgium in 2013 and the first 4 projects, all on a self-consumption basis in industrial and logistics customer buildings.

Implementation of projects with major retailers in France and Italy.

Launch of the first energy performance contract for Leroy-Merlin Laurentina, Italy (-52% grid consumption).

The team becomes multinational and multidisciplinary.

Helexia reaches an installed capacity of 11.5 MWp.

The 2025 vision has been written: to become the preferred energy services company.

Structuring of an Energy Efficiency Department and construction of the first projects in France and Belgium (revitalization, HVAC), as well as the start of Energy Management in Italy.

Portugal opened in 2016 under the supervision of Luis Pinho, with the structuring of an international business development model.

Helexia builds its 100th photovoltaic plant and reaches 35 MWp of installed capacity + its 5th energy performance contract.

Internalization of Production Management with dedicated team and tools, in partnership with Ciel et Terre.

Energy Management contract signed with Auchan and Ceetrus in France, as well as Leroy-Merlin in Italy, and internalization of a strong energy management team.

First cogeneration projects and ISO 50001 consulting for external clients.

The 200th photovoltaic plant was built accumulating a capacity of 55 MWp + 10th energy performance contract. First projects in Spain.

Helexia is a global Energy Services Company present in 6 countries with 65 employees and provides a complete and unique package of energy solutions to its customers

After 10 years of strong support from Creadev, its first shareholder, Helexia joined with the Voltalia group as an autonomous shareholder, allowing an acceleration of its development and ability to reach all its customers, worldwide, on all energy issues.

Structuring of the Helexia group and opening of Helexia Brazil and Helexia Morocco in early 2020.

Launch of the first Electric Mobility projects.

Helexia has recruited its 100th employee.

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