Decarbonize? Yes, please

The use of fossil fuels has allowed great advances, but at a cost: the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Decarbonizing is an imperative.
Every time we exchange a fossil energy for a green energy, we are removing carbon from the processes and the final products.

That is decarbonizing.

Make the energy transition of the activity sectors

The energy transition must start with understanding your energy needs so that combined with other efficiency and optimization measures, they can make your business more competitive and efficient.
Decarbonization leads to fewer emissions and lower energy costs.

Companies that want to grow and be attractive to new markets, being able to produce more at lower cost, is a competitive advantage.

A Roadmap to Decarbonize

Helexia helps your company decarbonize. Together we build your decarbonization roadmap, sustainably establishing the trajectory to achieve carbon neutrality. We define the main guidelines, and identify the cost-effective options to achieve the ideal sustainable development scenario.

We have the know-how and the investment capacity to walk this path alongside your company. We are present in the entire value chain. From development to operation and maintenance, we provide all the technical, legal, execution, and financing resources.

Less carbon, less taxes, more independence

The decarbonization of the industry, giving rise to fewer emissions, allows a reduction in Carbon Taxes to be paid, not to say their total elimination.

And in a growing industry that is attractive to new markets, being able to produce more at lower cost is a competitive advantage.

In addition, the potential to become energy independent, or at least secure a large part of the consumption needs, is a protection of the company from external and uncontrollable changes.

Manage energy

We understand that a decarbonization process is not done all at once.

Because it is a process, it is a learning continuum by constantly monitoring and following up on the results, intervening and improving with what we learn along the way.

Technological evolution

Solutions are in permanent evolution and it is essential to keep up with trends.

There are new forms of alternative energy being studied, storage systems almost available at market prices, new and more productive photovoltaic panels, green hydrogen, ...

The solutions are not unique, they are convergent, always according to the needs and the best results.

Decarbonization "as a service

Your company should focus on investments that are essential to your business, Helexia can secure the project financing.

If your business faces the challenge of decarbonization and self-consumption

We are ready to be your partner, from consulting to investment.

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