Praia D'el Rey thinking about electric mobility

Praia d'el Rey with Helexia electric charger
No. of sockets
100 KW | 50 KW | 22 KW

Customers, visitors and guests of the Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort can now conveniently charge their electric vehicles with a total of 7 outlets: 1 100 kW charger, 1 50 kW charger, and 4 22 KW chargers.

Operation and maintenance is also left to Helexia to ensure the functionality and compliance of the charger. Helexia also provides a 24/7 multilingual Call Center to support the charging stations.

With national customers in mind, but especially foreign customers who are unfamiliar with the national charging network, Helexia provides special training for its Customer Service teams so that they can answer customers' questions.

The resort's maintenance teams also underwent technical training, so that they could understand how the installation was carried out and how to carry out any checks in case of need.


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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Turnkey Electric Mobility

Praia D'el Rey is a turnkey project in which all the operation (monitoring and maintenance) of the chargers is assured by Helexia.

A simplified process

  • Financial and technical analysis;
  • Legal structuring, where all legal and licensing processes;
  • Financing, with the entire investment in the project. With the resorts benefiting from this contracting and use of the service as there is revenue sharing between partners;
  • Functional and technical survey to choose the best solution for the customer's needs;
  • Final installation and engineering, carried out in partnership with SISINT and managed by Helexia.

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