Electric Mobility

Transport currently accounts for more than a quarter of the EU's greenhouse gas emissions, a transition to more sustainable mobility is essential.

Electrification is important for reducing costs, but also for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of the air we breathe. These benefits make electrification an important strategy to promote sustainability and reduce theimpact of transportation on the planet.

The importance of the charging network

We believe that a quality, distributed, charging network is essential for the growth and support of electric mobility and as such Helexia invests in, installs and operates charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Helexia's Advantages for Electric Mobility

Cost Efficiency
Independence: load your fleet, in your space
Management platform: to manage the loading of your fleet
Integrate: Possibility to integrate with clean energy production

Choose Helexia.

We look at electric mobility as an essential component in decarbonizing and building a low-carbon economy.

We want to support companies in meeting the loading needs of their customers, visitors, or employees.

We work with you to make your business part of the sustainable mobility map. We install and operate high-quality charging stations so you can serve your customers or employees.

In many cases, we include investment in our projects, taking on risk alongside the partners. This is our way of being in the market; we invest because we believe there is a viable path to follow.

Electric Mobility Projects

A Simple Process with Helexia

We work so that your establishment or business comes out valued with Electric Mobility.

Contact and clarification of all doubts
Conducting the technical survey
Installation and operation of the charging stations
Promoting your space as a charging location

Helexia wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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