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The pharmaceutical sector currently includes more than 4,000 companies, a turnover of more than 14 billion euros, and employs about 45,000 people. Its transversality makes it a key sector in the economy. Its critical role in society is reinforced by its mission to develop, manufacture, and distribute medicines that improve quality of life and help save lives.

There are many activities that this industry performs, including research and development (R&D), clinical trials, production, distribution, and sales of pharmaceutical products.

As in any other industry, it is a challenge for pharmaceutical companies to produce as efficiently as possible while reducing waste and the impact on the planet.

The importance of decarbonizing the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector, like many other industries, has a significant role to play in decarbonization efforts to combat climate change and help build a low-carbon economy. By moving towards using renewable energy, optimizing energy consumption, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, generating less waste, and using water rationally, it reduces its carbon footprint, contributes to global decarbonization efforts, and aligns its operations with sustainable development goals.

The opportunities for sustainable development

This sector has several opportunities in the energy transition: producing clean energy for self-consumption, implementing energy efficiency measures and even migrating the fleet to electric vehicles are all paths that the pharmaceutical sector can take. At Helexia we want to help make this sector more sustainable, contributing to the health of humanity and the planet.

Helexia wants to help the pharmaceutical sector decarbonize

There are several companies that we are working with, always with a holistic view of energy. We believe we can help optimize energy consumption, with reduced costs and impacts on the planet.

Included in this sector are service providers, producers (pharmacy and equipment), and distributors.

We believe in the energy transition as a way to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of your business, combining economy and ecology.

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