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The real estate sector in Portugal has experienced a period of remarkable growth in recent decades, playing a key role in the country's economy. In 2022, around 168,000 houses were sold in Portugal and this is one of the sectors with the greatest weight in Portugal's GDP (12%).

Sustainability in the real estate sector

Sustainability is a theme that is increasingly present in the real estate market. It's not just about choosing renewable energy sources, applying energy efficiency measures or sustainable materials when building a home or commercial space. Sustainability is also about the amount of waste generated in the construction process. 2023 is set to see a greater demand for properties with sustainable features, such as solar panels, efficient heating and cooling systems and other green technologies.

In addition to residential properties and commercial spaces, we have seen an increase in demand from investors for this type of sustainable and more environmentally friendly property. Once again, with a view to long-term profitability, more sustainable and economical homes and commercial spaces are seen as the most effective options in the eyes of investors.

There is also a greater awareness of environmental impacts in the real estate construction sector, which is responsible for almost 40% of annual global carbon emissions. As a result, investors are opting for more sustainable, profitable and competitive choices.

We believe in the energy transition as a way to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of your business, combining economy and ecology.

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