Solar Carports - Sustainable Shades

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What is a Solar Carport? Why are more and more companies installing Solar Carports? What is Helexia's approach that ensures maximum efficiency of this innovative concept in the parking lot?

The solar Carport is a solution that unifies a shading structure with photovoltaic energy production. This concept offers the ideal combination, vehicles parked in the park are protected from the sun and other weather conditions, while producing clean, renewable energy.

Solar photovoltaic energy is one of the fastest growing technologies and is recognized by companies as a huge opportunity that translates into economic and ecological benefits.

Advantages of Solar Carports

  • Energy bill reduction
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Shade in the parking lot
  • The investment can be made by Helexia.
  • Helexia can be your partner to develop, manage, and finance solar PV projects in your building.

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Study Recipients

Are you an energy manager, production manager, maintenance manager, or do you manage your company's finances and savings?

If you want to know more information about Solar Carports, such as:

- Its economic benefits;
- Its ecological benefits;
- Concrete projects with client testimonials.

Key Indicators

In this Case Study we disclose the main indicators of some Helexia's Solar Carports in operation, such as total energy produced (MWh), installed power (kWp) and tons of CO2 avoided (ton/year). We also advance real testimonials from customers who are already enjoying the benefits of this innovative concept in their parking lots.

- Energy Produced (MWh)
- Installed Power (kWp)
- Avoided CO2 (ton/year)

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