Services Sector

Over the past century, the service sector has expanded rapidly. This has been made possible by the exponential increase in knowledge that has occurred in the last 60 years, the growth of technology, and the development of communication via the mobile network and the Internet.

The service sector produces intangible goods, more precisely services, including warehousing, transportation, and banking services; public services, information, research, training, consulting, and others.

Increased automation, which reduces the number of people needed for manufacturing processes, is also a key element in the shift from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy.

This sector consumes energy, especially in terms of electricity, due to the need to air-condition buildings, and also has the opportunity to make everyday life easier for its customers and visitors by installing charging stations for electric vehicles.

In the case of service buildings with higher electricity consumption and space on their roof, it is also possible to install photovoltaic panels, allowing you to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.

We believe in the energy transition as a way to promote the competitiveness and sustainability of your business, combining economy and ecology.

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