Energy Efficiency

Energy is increasingly becoming a major cost in the structure of an organization. It is not only a financial cost, but also an environmental cost.

To gain competitiveness it is essential to promote the reduction of current energy consumption by optimizing the operating conditions of the various equipment and systems.

Be more efficient and reduce costs

Energy efficiency aims to reduce energy consumption, the associated financial cost, and the impacts on the planet.

Helexia works with you and invests to make it possible to meet current needs with optimized energy consumption and financial savings.

The advantages of energy efficiency

Energy bill reduction with energy efficiency improvement measures
Improve and control energy efficiency indicators
Optimization of the company's production processes
Reducing emissions and contributing to a more sustainable environment

Choosing Helexia

We believe that companies can make more conscious use of energy, reducing costs and having less impact on the planet. Companies that are energy efficient can improve indoor air quality, reduce noise pollution, and provide more comfortable working and living environments.

At Helexia we know that energy efficiency is a critical component of decarbonization. When we optimize the amount of energy required to produce a given good or service, we are being more efficient, reducing costs and impacts on the planet. This can be further amplified by the use of clean energy in the process.

Helexia can support with the establishment of Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) we improve your energy performance with the implementation of energy efficiency measures, which are financed through the savings generated. There is no need for investment on your part.


Energy Efficiency Projects

Overview for an integrated approach

We perform turn-key projects, with no need for investment by the clients.

Helexia integrates financial and technical analysis, legal structuring, finance, construction, and project management throughout the project's life cycle.

Helexia wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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