Revigrés doubles clean energy production with Helexia

solar panels at revigrés
Annual Production
4 GWh
CO2 avoided
1826 ton/year
Total Power
3 MWp
Trees planted
47 000
Annual energy consumption

Helexia was the partner company responsible for designing, realizing and implementing the second phase of the photovoltaic plant, enabling Revigrés to double its capacity to produce clean energy. In operation are 7,328 photovoltaic panels and a power of 2.9MWp, resulting in a solar energy production of 4 GWh/year. With the new photovoltaic park it is also possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 1826 tons/year, which corresponds to the planting of about 47,000 trees.

The industry sector in Portugal has a huge potential to improve competitiveness through the decarbonization of energy generation, which progressively can be local and renewable due to the evolution of technology and regulation. The sector where the Ceramics Industry is inserted had a self-consumption of electricity below 0.9% in 2021, according to official data, when the global potential is around 13%, according to a study published by Helexia. Achieving a self-consumption close to 20%, allows to benefit from a competitive electricity cost and to increase its energy independence in the long term

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Víctor Ribeiro
CEO Revigrés

The second phase of the installation of the self-consumption photovoltaic power plant of Revigrés, in partnership with Helexia, allowed us to reinforce the production of clean energy from 1.2GWh/year to about 4GWh/year

From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Revigrés path to sustainability

In a highly challenging context for companies in social and economic terms, Revigrés plans a future based on a strategy of process optimization and ambitious business goals, supported by technological innovation and distinctive ceramic solutions, with a focus on sustainability.

Highlight for the co-promotion of two projects integrated in the Mobilizing Agendas and Green Agendas for Business Innovation of the PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan, aiming at meeting the Carbon Neutrality targets through 1) new technologies, 2) more efficient forms of energy, and 3) development of innovative products, resulting from more sustainable and eco-efficient processes.

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