Bomporto Lumiares conducts water audit with Helexia

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Water audit at the Lumiares Hotel
Annual savings (€)
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The Lumiares Hotel and Spa is committed to sustainability from the moment it refurbished the building. This hotel unit belongs to the Bomporto group and, together with Helexia, performed a water audit that resulted in a list of improvements and guidelines for the efficient use of water resources.

Opportunities to save water were identified, compliance with environmental standards was verified, and efficiency improvements in operational processes were pointed out.

The water networks and alternative sources were analyzed as well as its outdoor use, its use in the lodging units, kitchen, laundry and spa.

Eight improvement measures were pointed out, guidelines for their implementation, and estimated costs in their execution.

The estimated total savings in the hotel's water bill is around 6000€/year and a return on investment in 2 years.

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Nicolas Rouco
General Manager Bomporto Hotels

Energy represents 5% of the cost structure of a hotel. By having a sustainable energy management plan, we can reduce our consumption, but also our carbon footprint and therefore we are able to offer our customers more in services through these savings. Moreover, a large part of our customers do regard Sustainable practices.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Because sustainability is a concern of the hotel group, this audit allowed us to identify what the hotel group wanted to do: an optimization of water management.

This audit follows the implementation of an energy management system previously carried out with Helexia. This effort corresponds to the hotel's already implemented sustainability policy which includes:

  • Implementation of energy management systems
  • Development of waste management strategies
  • Awareness for employees and guests
  • Circular economy
  • Use of local products and from demarcated regions

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