Carport Solar generates 548 MWh of clean energy at Leroy Merlin Aveiro store

Energy Production Customer Leroy Merlin Services Carport Solar Sector Retail
aerial view of the solar carport at leroy merlin in aveiro helexia
Annual Production
571 MWh
CO2 avoided
269 ton
Total Power
394 kWp
Trees planted
6900 uni
Annual energy consumption
114 families

The customers of Leroy Merlin in Aveiro when they go shopping park in a sustainable shade. The installation of a Solar Carport installed in the parking lot, allows the comfort of customers and the production of clean and renewable energy. This self-consumption project through solar panels, has an installed power of 394 kWp and an estimated annual production of 571 MWh.

At Leroy Merlin it is important to reduce the environmental footprint and the consumption of clean energy through this photovoltaic production project, allows to avoid the emission of 269 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 6900 trees annually. With this energy transition, Leroy Merlin in Aveiro sees 38% of its energy needs met through clean energy.

With the Carport solar, Leroy Merlin protects its customers' vehicles from the weather, while ensuring the supply of green energy without CO2 emissions, thereby reducing energy bills and saving the planet's resources.

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João Lavos
Leroy Merlin Positive Impact Leader

Helexia has been and will be our partner in the energy transition of our buildings, because for us it makes sense to start with our own House. The work we have been doing is a true partnership, based on a very close knowledge of the needs and mutual capabilities of both companies, knowledge that was gained over the time of the relationship.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

About the Leroy Merlin Aveiro store

Leroy Merlin opened the Aveiro store in 2018 with a wide variety of products, services and inspiration in DIY, construction, decoration, kitchen, bathroom and garden with the aim of supporting its inhabitants in the realization of all their projects for the home.

With a total surface area of over 10,000 m2, of which 2,480 m2 is dedicated to the Construction area, it presents an innovative store concept that aims to provide a unique shopping experience, focused on simplifying and comforting the customer throughout the whole process. From the reception to the completion of the purchase, a specialized team of over 150 employees will always be available to help each customer realize their home project.

The Helexia approach

Helexia helps companies gain access to clean energy at a reduced and more competitive cost, without having to divert investment from the company's CORE activity. We can affirm that 100% of our customers have a reduction in their energy bill when they opt for local production of solar energy for self-consumption.

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