ISQ develops private electric mobility network

Electric Mobility Client ISQ Services Private Network Charging Sector Automotive
electric chargers in isq tagus parque
No. of sockets
6 BC
6 x 22 kW

Helexia Portugal implemented at ISQ a private charging network for the electric vehicles of its fleet consisting of 6 AC chargers, distributed over 2 buildings in Tagus Park.

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Pedro Matias
President ISQ ISQ

We like to work with partners that have a strategic vision, that have ambition, that are committed to innovation and that understand, on the other side, what the client also wants, namely from the point of view of operation effectiveness, of payback of the investment made, of profitability... And this is what we have found with Helexia.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Private electric mobility on the rise

More and more companies are opting for electric mobility for an accumulation of reasons ranging from environmental to economic advantages.
For the employee, one of the great advantages is the ease of charging the car in the company's private garage. Employees who own electric vehicles, when they get to the parking lot, charge their car while they go perform their professional tasks.
This is a huge convenience factor for the employee. For the company, it is a huge saving factor, as it sees a substantial decrease in consumption with the fleet.

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