Costa Verde with 3600 photovoltaic solar panels

Annual Production
1398 MWh
CO2 avoided
657 ton
Total Power
998 kWp
Trees planted
16 900 pieces
Annual energy consumption
280 families

There are 3600 solar panels that ensure about 25% of the energy needs of Costa Verde, avoiding the emission of 713 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of planting 18300 trees per year. Before there was a photovoltaic plant on top of the building, there was a roof made of asbestos cement, a material that contains asbestos, creating a double advantage: the elimination of a substance that is harmful to human health, and the use of the new roof to produce clean, renewable energy.
A "two-in-one" project commissioned by Helexia, whose business model based on the exploitation of the renewable energy produced, allowed Costa Verde (without any investment), to become more energy efficient.

Francisco Proença
Green Coast Industrial Director

Helexia is a responsible and efficient partner. An experienced and functional partner. A competitive partner with one of the best market conditions to install our photovoltaic plant.

From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

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