Charging for EVs at Balazar's Low Prices store

No. of sockets
1 DC
50 kW

In partnership with Helexia it is already possible to charge the electric vehicle at the Low Prices supermarket in Balazar.

The store provides a 50 kW charger with CCS and ChaDemo charging.

In this way, the store provides convenience to its customers as they load the car while they store or have a coffee in the supermarket cafeteria.

What are the advantages of having loading at a supermarket?

  1. Convenience: Supermarkets are generally located in easily accessible and convenient areas, making them ideal locations for Electric Vehicle charging stations. By providing charging stations in supermarkets, electric vehicle owners can charge their vehicles while shopping or grocery shopping, saving time and effort.
  2. Increased store traffic: The installation of EV charging stations will attract new customers. EV owners are more likely to visit a store that offers charging, which can result in increased sales and revenues for the supermarket.
  3. Increased customer loyalty: offering charging facilities for electric vehicle drivers can help supermarkets build customer loyalty.

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