Bankinter in Lisbon with 27 charging stations

helexia electric chargers at bankinter in lisbon
No. of sockets
27 chargers 22 kW

Bankinter 's headquarters in Portugal, located in Marquês de Pombal, provides 27 charging stations to meet the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles that make up its fleet. The focus on electric and sustainable mobility is in line with Bankinter's responsibility to operate with maximum respect for the environment, thus contributing to combat the phenomenon of climate change.

The project developed by Helexia and EVIO considers several aspects in its implementation:

- The number of electric vehicles at Bankinter is increasing
- The infrastructure is prepared to respond to the Bank's clients, who need charging
- Employees with electric vehicles can use the stations
- A large percentage of the charging is done in the building, but there is also the need to use other networks (e.g. Mobie).

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Integrated Electric Mobility Solution

The project was designed and implemented to be an integrated solution that allows the management of Bankinter's electric mobility ecosystem, facilitating operational management and responding to the various needs listed:

  • Integrated management of electric vehicle fleet consumption (aggregated consumption; reporting per vehicle, driver, card, etc)
  • Charging the electric vehicle fleet on the private network and Mobie network
  • Integrated access (web, card, Mobile)
  • Management of the building's charging stations
  • Adapted to growth

In this way, sustainable charging is facilitated to employees and customers through several charging stations managed by an intelligent platform that provides integrated services, contributing to the simplified and natural growth of the electric mobility ecosystem at Bankinter.

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