Auchan de Alverca with charging park for electric vehicles

view of the charging stations at auchan de alverca
No. of sockets
2 x 50 kW | 4 x 22 kW

The Alverca charging station is composed of two 50 kW fast char gers and four 22 kW double chargers and will allow twelve electric vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

The project is part of the commitment, assumed by Helexia and Auchan, to contribute to a sustainable economic development model.

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Clara Costa
Brand and Transformation Director Auchan Retail

Helexia has emerged as a privileged partner that solves one of the big challenges for us, to have self-consumption and allows us to have a more sustainable building.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Electric Mobility

The future of vehicles will be electric. Even with the improved battery autonomy that electrified vehicle models have today, the concept of charging has changed. In electric mobility the paradigm has changed, which also brings new ways to fuel the vehicle. Instead of stopping at a gas station, we take advantage of everyday stops to charge: at home, at work, while shopping, at a restaurant, or at the gym.

And if the energy for charging is clean, renewable and locally generated, without transportation costs, even better. Just like the Auchan brand slogan, it's good, healthy, local energy.

These shipments are also assured for all Auchan's clients and employees.

Auchan Retail Portugal is a family and worldwide group, a human and winning company, which has 64 physical stores and employs about 9000 collaborators. In Portugal, through its commerce in physical stores and online, it asserts itself as a militant brand of what is GOOD, HEALTHY and LOCAL. It is a company certified in social responsibility and has 12 stores with environmental certification.

Auchan Retail's Energy Transition

This building reinforces the importance of the role of sustainability and decarbonization of Auchan Retail Portugal, with the use of energy from clean and renewable sources.

And it won't be a unique project. After the headquarters in Paço de Arcos, which served as a pilot, the stores in Alverca, Santo Tirso, Famalicão, Lagoa, Sintra, Castelo Branco, Eiras and Maia also received their solar carports, representing at this moment an aggregate self-consumption of about 50%.

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