aicep Setubal Business Park - global parks with Electric Mobility

electric chargers at aicep setubal
No. of sockets
1 charger 50 kW

The Setúbal business park (Bluebiz) that is managed by aicep Global Parques provides 1 fast charger for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The infrastructure is connected to MOBI.E.'s public network, which allows it to be used by any user with an electric or hybrid vehicle and is available to park users and visitors as well as to residents of the Zone and users of electric vehicles.

This installation is part of a project that included the installation of the same equipment in the Sines Business Park (ZILS) and Albiz - Sintra Business Park.
Helexia Portugal is responsible for the investment and operation of the chargers.

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Benefits for aicep global Parques:

- Provide charging for park users
- Make your parks more attractive
- Helexia's investment and operation

Filipe Costa
CEO aicep Global Parques aicep - global parks

This is an important complementary service that we intend to make available to our customers and all those who visit us. A service in full and total harmony with the electric mobility plan associated with the energy transition that the Government intends to implement in Portugal and in close collaboration with the municipal strategies where our parks are located. It will certainly be another differentiating factor and a greater competitiveness of the industrial parks managed by aicep Global Parques.

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From needs analysis to implementation, we believe that a decarbonized economy is the path to growth.

Importance of this project:

Helexia and aicep Global Parques' investment in electric mobility is a consequence of the strong dynamic that the business parks managed by aicep Global Parques have shown in recent years with the installation of projects of high national relevance, from industry to energy and digital transition,
The new infrastructure will serve more than 3,400 users who visit the aicep Global Parques parks every day, but also the local populations of Sines and Setúbal.

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