aerial view of the raporal with helexia solar panels
We installed
1 MWp
We produce
5.2 GWh
We avoided
2 444 ton
Pedro Caria
Raporal Maintenance Department Manager

The quality of Helexia's work installing the photovoltaic plant was above expectation.

The will of a group of 18 pig farmers, who believed they could do more and better for the sector, especially in the production of feed for their animals, led to the creation of Raporal, S.A. in 1971.

Raporal is currently an agri-food company with several business units ranging from agriculture to meat sales.

The focus on exports has been the main goal in recent years, and energy is an important factor for competitiveness.

The company is now "global" and this implies growing investment in infrastructure, improvements in operational processes and management systems.

The total traceability of the products and the guarantee of food safety are and have always been the most important thing, to ensure maximum quality.

With Helexia, Raporal bet on Renewable Energy Production, learn more about this service here.

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