Fusion Fuel

We installed
1 MWp
We produce
1.5 GWh
We avoid
686 ton

Fusion Fuel

Fusion Fuel is a Portuguese company that is leading and revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is pointed out as the fuel of the future for several industries that still depend on fossil fuels and want to go down the path of decarbonization.

This company, born in 2018, has developed a patented technology that allows hydrogen to be produced from sunlight, making it economically viable and affordable.

Through the partnership with Helexia, a solar production plant for self-consumption was installed in Fusion Fuel's facilities in Benavente. Thus, Fusion Fuel uses clean energy, reducing its carbon footprint, but also its production costs.

How does the Fusion Fuel technology work?

Fusion Fuel has developed a technology that is absolutely unique in the world: a concentrated solar technology, based on a patented mini electrolyzer - the Hevo - that can absorb 1400 times more radiation in a photovoltaic cell. This technology not only concentrates solar energy, but also generates a lot of heat. These are the perfect conditions for the electrolysis process that allows hydrogen to be removed from water in a totally clean process.

How does this technology stand out?

Fusion Fuel is committed to accelerating this energy transition and decarbonizing the global energy system by making zero-emission green hydrogen commercially viable and affordable.

This technology also stands out for being modular and decentralized, meaning that it can be added locally as the production needs of each company increase. The optimization of the electrolysis process, developed by Fusion Fuel, makes these electrolysers much more powerful and smaller, thus enabling the widespread adoption of green hydrogen in the future, by companies that can produce it locally.

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What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a specific type of hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, whether solar, wind, hydroelectric, or through biomass. It is called "green" because its production emits no carbon, making it the cleanest and most sustainable option compared to other hydrogen production methods.

It differs from gray or brown hydrogen in that these depend on fossil fuels for their production. It is estimated that to produce 1 kilogram of hydrogen (brown or gray) 9 kilograms of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere. It is therefore crucial to look to green hydrogen as the way forward.

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