Costa Verde

We installed
1 MWp
We produce
7.6 GWh
We avoided
3572 ton
Francisco Proença
Green Coast Industrial Director

Helexia is a responsible and efficient partner. An experienced and functional partner. A competitive partner with one of the best market conditions to install our photovoltaic plant.

The Porcelanas Costa Verde factory was born in 1992 in Zona Industrial de Vagos, Aveiro. For 28 years it has been transforming minerals to form porcelain - the queen of ceramics - that presents more elegance, resistance, durability, impermeability and low porosity.

The process begins with a first firing at 1000°C, in a cycle of up to 18 hours, and then, after glazing, the pieces are again fired at a temperature of up to 1400°C, until Porcelain is obtained.

With Helexia, Costa Verde bet on the development of a photovoltaic plant - learn more about the project.

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Costa Verde - What are the benefits of 5 years of solar self-consumption?

Costa Verde

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Quality and Innovation

Over the years, Costa Verde has had a sustained growth, through great investment in quality, innovation and sustainability, becoming one of the most modern companies in the sector at a European level. It started to export about 75% of its product to the four corners of the world, in the hotel, restaurant, and household sectors.


Sustainability issues at Costa Verde have long been a factor of competitiveness and over the years, several international standards have been implemented: quality, energy, environment, health, safety, social responsibility and RDI (innovation and development), having carried out innovation projects in partnership with Portuguese universities.

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